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Universal stand with holders for hand disinfection

Universal free-standing stand with holders for hand disinfection. Made of grey MDF board.


  • Width 355 mm
  • Height 1520 mm
  • Total depth of the base: 500 mm (350 mm at the front, 150 mm at the rear).

The size of the base at the front is adapted to put a trash can;

A special reinforcement is attached to the rear to keep the stand stable (the height is 350 mm);

The stand is equipped with:

- Feed point system for paper rolls 260 (width) x 310 (height) x 220 (depth) + GIFT 1  Paper roll with a retractable core

- Holder for disinfectant liquid, hand disinfectant ADK - 612, 1L

- Inscription: hand disinfectant.


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