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Air spring systems

Air springs produced by a German producer “Contitech“- it is an easy to mount, rigid, and cost-efficient measure that is employed for lifting and diminishing of vibration. With reference to a wide selection of different models, these air springs may be applied even for the most complex industrial equipment.

  • Load capacity of air springs ranges from 0.5 kN to 440 kN, while lifting height is up to 450 mm.
  • Specific oscillation frequency ranges from 0.5 Hz to 3.5 Hz. Permissible load varies from 0.5 kN to more than 440 kN.

Use of air springs for lifting: tension mechanisms, motor vehicles, gluing, moulding, and other presses, stamps, expanders, conveyors, juice extraction presses, pneumatic jackscrews, scissor lifts, and other lifting equipment, label gluing and packaging equipment, amusement park attractions, and other.

Use of air springs for diminishing of vibration: compressors, motors, textile machines, loading points of conveyors, in vibro-conveyors of large-scale drying machines, centrifuges, commercial washing machines, and control panels.

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