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Monolithic polycarbonate (PC)

Monolithic polycarbonate sheets "Macrolux" and "Policomp" are sheets made using a method of extrusion, characterised by especially high durability, shock resistance and light weight. Polycarbonate is approximately 250 times stronger and almost two times lighter than common glass. It also features better acoustic properties.

Monolithic polycarbonate sheets have UV protection in both sides, which guarantees their durability using plastic both inside the premises and in direct sunlight.


  • Hardly breakable;
  • High shock resistance;
  • Good permeability of light (81 - 90 % transparency depending on thickness);
  • Reaction to fire class: B1 (according to DIN 4102 standard);
  • Light, weigh two times less than glass;
  • May be easily processed.


  • Thickness: 1 - 15 mm, standard: 1 - 10 mm;
  • Width: 1000 - 2500 mm, standard: 2050 mm;
  • Length: 500 - 6000 mm, standard: 3050 mm;
  • Colours: transparent, smoked brown (other colours available on special request).

Intended use:

  • Roof covering;
  • Window glazing;
  • Wind shielding;
  • Noise barriers;
  • Luminaire production;
  • Vandal shields;
  • Window glazing of sports and agriculture vehicles.

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