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Universal adhesives 88M

Adhesives 88M - they are universal contact adhesives used for gluing rubber, leather, PVCH, metal, wood, felt, glass, and ceramics. These liquid light yellowish adhesives are resistant to water and atmospheric action, alkaline and acidic mediums, and features impermeability to water.

Prior to gluing:

The surface to be glued has to be clean, dry, and durable.
Prior to usage, adhesives have to be thoroughly mixed.
The surface to be glued has to be cleaned, sanded, and, on necessity, degreased by using a thinner.


Adhesives have to be applied on surface with layer thickness of 0.2 mm - 0.5 mm. Layer thickness of adhesives depends on smoothness of the surface (the smoother the surface, the thinner layer of adhesives is required). 

After applying of adhesives on the surface, wait for 10-15 minutes until adhesives will not stick to fingers. Then press the surface to be glued together to the base and hold for some time. Maximum binding is reached within 24 hours.

In order to attain maximum strength of gluing the surfaces, adhesives should be applied on both surfaces. If materials to be glued absorb adhesives to the inside (fabric, foam), adhesives should be applied repeatedly or surfaces should be pressed immediately after application, without waiting for the adhesives not to stick to fingers. The same method should be applied, if adhesives are applied only on one surface.


Adhesives 88M are packed into a sealed metal packing.

Tanks: 0.3 kg, 0.7 kg, 3 kg.

Validity time for adhesives is one year, if packaging was not opened or otherwise damaged.

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