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Adhesives for plastics

Name Photo Description
Adhesives UV 106

UV ray activated adhesives. They are designed for gluing flexible and rigid plastics, perfectly suits where flexible connection is required.

They also glue glass, metal, and lots of other types of plastics: PMMA, PC, PVC, and PET. Adhesives are clear (transparent), after hardening they can be used in temperature of up to 135 °C. Strength and depth of the bond depends on hardening mode of UV rays.

Adhesives 4SC

Adhesives are specially designed to glue together PMMA, though also glue well other thermoplastics. It fits best for gluing together plastics of the same type. It does not fit for cross-linked PMMA gluing.

Adhesives are particularly volatile (liquid as water), they are handy for application on the surface to be glued by using a medical syringe via the needle. PMMA glues within 2-3 minutes, though 80 % of bond strength is attained within 72 hours.

Adhesives 42

Bicomponent transparent adhesives are designed for gluing cast and extruded PMMA with PE, PC, and other plastics.
It glues surfaces in 15 minutes under room temperature, though sufficient bond strength for transportation of glued parts is attained in 4 hours after gluing. Further mechanical treatment of glued plastics is recommended to be carried out within 24 hours after connection of surfaces.

Special gun is required for application of adhesives on the surface to be glued.

Adhesives 16

It is adhesives specially designed for gluing organic glass (PMMA). They feature significantly high bond strength, hardens quickly and are colourless. Characteristics of hardened adhesives are similar to the ones of PMMA. They also fit for gluing ABS, PVC, PC, and other plastics, including porous surfaces.

Surfaces to be glued have to be clean and dry. Apply adhesives on the surfaces to be glued, press strongly together and hold under room temperature for 5-6 minutes.



Bicomponent adhesives are mixed with ratio of 10:1 with the activator; they are designed for gluing together the same or different materials. It glues well plastics, composite materials, and metal. Good surface preparation is not required when gluing metal.
Under room temperature, adhesives harden within 2-3 minutes, while 80 % of total strength of the bond is attained just in 2-4 hours.

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