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Glass-fibre fabric coated with aluminium film

Glass-fibre fabric – it is a woven material, one side of which is coated with aluminium film. This non-asbestos thermal insulation material is intended for thermal insulation within different branches of industry. Coating of aluminium film acts like a shield that is reflecting heat and UV rays.


  • Stability: glass-fibre is an engineering material of stable form. Glass-fibre does not elongate or shrink in case of extremely high or low temperatures. It is resistant to friction;
  • It does not absorb humidity and does not change physically or chemically under the action of water;
  • Material does not ignite, it is ecologically clean, it protects against dirt or generation of condensate, it does not decay, and is chemically resistant;
  • It features high strength in relation to minimum weight;
  • Operating temperature ranges up to +260 °C;
  • It characterises with great thermal conductivity;
  • Density amount for 180 g/m2;
  • Thickness of aluminium film is 0.1 mm.

Use. It is intended for insulation of pipework and funnels against hazardous action of materials. Furthermore, it is designed to decrease attritions and heat loss.

Examples of application: gloves, covers, protection measures, vehicles, motorcycles, boilers at foundries, iron, steel, and navigation industries. Thermal insulation mats are also produced by using it.


  •      Thickness: 0.2 mm
  •      Roll width: 1000 mm
  •      Roll length: 100 m.



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