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Electric foot warmer, shoe drying mats

Electric heating mats are designed for foot warming without high electricity consumption when the floor of the premises is cold, as well as for drying shoes. The mats do not cause shoes to change colour or shape when dried.

The Heat Master electric heating mat is designed for foot warming without high electricity consumption. The mat will create a feeling of cosiness, you will no longer have to keep your feet on a cold floor, and wet shoes will dry much faster. You can also choose a mat with a regulator. 

Dimensions: 400x600 mm, 500x700 mm, 600x900 mm.

Power: 75W, 100W, 150W.

Maximum temperature : 40oC

Available colours:

  •  Anthracite (grey);
  •  Cognac (sand);
  •  Burgundy.

The regulator allows you to set the heating temperature and power according to your needs.

  • Level 1: gentle heat, suitable for shoe drying (35% ~ 25 - 27 °C) - 35 W
  • Level 2: medium heat (75% ~ 35 - 37 °) - 75 W
  • Level 3: Intense heat (100% ~ 45 - 47 ° C) -100 W

These mats have a temperature limiter that protects against overheating.


Electric heating mats "Heat Master" are designed for drying shoes. Drying on these mats will not cause the shoes to curl or change colour. Electricity consumption is only 25-40W. 

Dimensions: 300x600 mm, 300x1000 mm 

Power: 25W, 40W.

Maximum temperature : 25-30oC

Colour: Anthracite (grey);


All heated mats come with a 12-month warranty. 

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